Monday, February 1, 2010


GOPI (GODA MEEDA PILLI) Telugu Mp3 Songs Click to Download Here

:::: Gopi (Goda Meeda Pilli) – Allari Naresh(2006) ::::

Banner :: RS Films
Cast :: Jagapathi Babu,Allari Naresh, Arti Chabria, Gowri Mumjal
Director :: Janardhan Maharshi
Producter :: Polisetti Rambabu, Palli Kesava Rao
Music :: Koti
Lyricist :: Gangotri Vishwanath

:::: GOPI (GODA MEEDA PILLI) Telugu Mp3 Songs Download Here ::::

1. I Love You Raa – Teena Kamal
2. Suppose – Nihal
3. Ammammo Ila Choodu – Sai
4. Muddhulake Muddoche – Srikrishna, Chitra
5. Nacchave – Sai


Allari Naresh is a very choosy guy when it comes to selecting a bride for him. None match his level of expectation till he meets Gowri Mumjal. He loves not only Gowri but her entire family. Much to the relief of his father, Tanikela Bharini and mother Hema, he declares his intention of marrying Gowri Mumjal.

The wedding date is fixed fast. But just three days from the wedding day he gets a call for a job interview from Bangalore. He decides to go for the interview, bags the job with his charm and starts his journey back to home, by his boss's car, to be present for his own wedding. On the way he meets Monica Jodi (Aarti Chabria), a dreaded terrorist. He falls for her beauty without realizing her true identity. Aarti tries to use him as human bomb while he dreams of dumping Gowri Mumjal and marrying Aarti Chabria. Naresh informs his parents about the intention of canceling the marriage with Gowri mumjal.

Balwant Chaddha (Jagapati Babu) is the CBI officer in charge of the operation of capturing the terrorist and her accomplice. He intervenes at the right time to rescue Naresh from the clutches of Aarti. Freed from Aarti, Naresh goes to the marriage venue. But instead of him, it is Vadde Naveen who is getting ready to marry Gowri. Vadde Naveen is the boy arranged by Naresh's parents to marry Gowri. Naresh realizes his mistake and apologizes. All promptly forgive him and he marries Gowri.